Bespoke wardrobes

Bespoke wardrobes are exclusive wardrobes that are built on precise and individual measures. Both outside and inside, the wardrobe is tailor-made to suit both the use and the interior design of the room. Typically, a bespoke wardrobe is a large floor-to-ceiling closet with sleek sliding doors, but variants may occur.

Long experience with retail chain partnerships

After 30 years on the market we have partnerships that are just as long-lasting. It is extremely profitable to invest in a close relationship between supplier, chain and stores.

Quality products

We don’t just make do with delivering our quality products to your warehouse: we provide an individual cooperation that guarantees increased revenue.

Want your business to

A close collaboration doesn’t give you quality products on the shelves, you will also become part of a strong partnership which, over time, enables an individual solution for your retail chain to be developed that includes sales, marketing, logistics and IT.

A strong partner

Among the 5 biggest manufacturers of sliding doors in Europe

28 retail chain agreements divided across Europe

More than 800 deliveries a week, with a delivery guarantee of 99,98%.

Manufactures more than 100.000 sliding doors annually

We are pleased to provide quality assurance in connection with the project as well as environmental documentation of our materials.

Latest news


New CEO at KA Interiør – will open doors to new business opportunities René Heisselberg Pedersen has been appointed as new CEO of KA Interiør in Grindsted. The company is the Nordic region’s largest manufacturer of sliding-door wardrobes for the kitchen and

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Delivery on time

We are known for delivering on time – and in a short time Here, the dream of new wardrobes does not have to wait weeks to be fulfilled. When we receive an order from a chain in the Nordic region,

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