Sliding Door Wardrobes? Cutting-edge Innovation

–Now the saw is digital too

KA Interiør is ready to meet the future demands for customized wardrobe solutions. With the initiation of a new production facility, the entire production process is now digitalised. Result: significantly increased capacity and a more efficient production to create wardrobes for existing and new customers both domestically and in new markets.

KA Interiør is known for producing and delivering sliding door cabinets tailored to individual measurements for the kitchen and furniture industry, as well as DIY retailers primarily in Northern Europe. The company is on a growth path in an industry facing challenging times. At the Grindsted factory, which annually produces approximately 110,000 sliding doors, millions are invested in the future. A high-tech production apparatus is ready to meet customers’ increased demands for personalized wardrobe solutions, large volume and minimal waste.

CEO René Heisselberg from KA Interiør: “We are investing in the future, where consumers desire customized sliding door wardrobes at a reasonable price. With a fully digitalised factory, we can meet these demands from our existing customers, but also from a range of new customers in the Nordic region and on new markets in Europe.”

The final part of the digitization of the Grindsted factory is an entirely new processing facility with robot sorting. The investment in high technology means that the company can double its production in the coming years and minimize material waste in connection with sawing by approximately 15-20 percent.

“When our new processing facility cuts out components for a new wardrobe, it retrieves data about each part directly from our ERP system. And if an order can be drawn, designed and approved in our IT system, it can also be produced. In this way, we bring our ability to create individual solutions to the forefront,” explains Bjarke Vinding, Factory Manager at KA Interiør.

High-Tech Carpentry

Many consumers desire custom sliding door cabinets, for example, to fit a room with slanted walls. It can be a significant investment.

“Our strength is that we can produce personalized wardrobe solutions at a competitive price compared to standard cabinets. We can do this because we have invested in high-tech solutions. And we can produce and deliver a customized wardrobe solution within 7-10 days. This makes us even more attractive as a partner in the kitchen and furniture industry and not only enhances our own competitive advantages but also strengthens our customers’ competitiveness in a large European market,” says René Heisselberg.

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