30 years of experience with retail chain partnership

We turn bespoke wardrobes and sliding doors into good business

Business development as part of the system

A targeted focus on evaluation ensures that your partnership with KA Interiør develops over time – as do the earnings. 

As partner with KA Interiør you will be a part of an evaluation system that ensures growth and focus on business.

We give you an individual cooperation
that kickstarts sales

In a strong partnership, everyone works towards joint success. At KA Interiør, we don’t just make do with delivering quality
products to your warehouse, you get a total solution, which ensures your sale will be successful.

A total solution for your chain includes:


Strengthen sales and maximize your earnings


Good customer service is an effective sales strategy


IT integration that impacts the bottom line and reduces costs


Targeted strategy for lead generation

Good customer service is an effective sales strategy

The entire customer experience is important to the sale. To ensure a positive experience before, during and after the sale, partners have access to a lot of support from KA Interiør.

The path to higher turnover

By choosing KA Interør, you can draw on our valuable experience in the sale of bespoke wardrobes and sliding doors.

More about KA Interiør

Effective procedures

With KA Interiør you get a partner that knows all the challenges faced by stores and customers throughout the buying process – as well as access to the solutions.

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Strengthen sales and maximise earnings

At KA Interiør, we are well aware that the correct price and product strategy increase earnings. Therefore, at KA Interiør we work in close cooperation with you in setting the correct price and product strategy for your customers.

With KA Interiør as your partner, you gain access to a broad product portfolio.

Let's start by looking at the sales potential

A good partnership requires that both parties get the most out of the cooperation.

The basis for your decision is a product sales analysis that includes an individual solution for your chain and an estimate of the sales potential.

Ready to grow your business?

Manufactures +100,000 sliding doors annually with only 7 day's lead time

More than 800 deliveries a week, with a delivery guarantee of 99.98%

You get access to a wide product range, with more than 10 different ranges

Part of the Vivonio Group, with a turnover of DKK 2.9 billion and 1700 employees

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